How to create the best online job advert

Below are our top tips on writing the perfect online job advert. Standing out in a busy recruitment market is one thing, getting the right candidates to apply is another.

We save our clients precious time as well as the hassle of sifting through hundreds of CV’s by preparing better targeted adverts. Adverts that appeal to the right people who are most qualified for the job; avoiding applications from those who are not.

Job Title

Simplicity is key here, what are people searching for? If they are looking for a certain role, they will search for a typical title regardless of what the company calls it in house. Remember it’s your role but their search terms so adapt this title to suit the most popular terminology. This will increase the number of people seeing your advert in the first place.


Another key search term is the location of where the job is based. By completing the location field and making it clearly visible, the advert will be noticed by those in your target area. If the job includes travel, it would be good to get this in early too. Travel does not appeal to everyone but also could be an enhancement to those who do.

Job Description

Introduce the job first, followed by the role and responsibilities as the main aspect of the advert. Then add something about the company. Short and to the point is important here – imagine applicants skimming through to get to the main points. Losing their interest before they read about the best bits will decrease your chances of attracting top candidates.

Skills and qualifications

What they need to know to do the job. The more you put here and the stricter the criteria will determine the number of applicants with those exact requirements so think carefully about who you want to see at the interview stage.

Salary and hours

The expectant salary and any additions such as commission or bonus potential, flexible hours or personal rewards, all add to the appeal of applying.

Your company

Description of your company to enhance the role, the industry they will be working in. Adding significance here helps ‘one of the region’s most innovative accountants’ ‘a leading education provider’ etc:


What you want the candidate to do next and how. As well as the online apply button you may want to include an email address and telephone number. This personalises the advert, makes it more welcoming over the competition who rely only on people applying over those with questions.

If you would like to talk to us about the best online advert for your role, please do get in touch on 0800 046 3411.