The Three Steps To Successful Recruitment

Hiring the best person for a job needs good planning and preparation. It makes sense to be organised and to set yourself guidelines and an easy to follow process of selection. It has to be said that many employers often try to cut corners by relying on gut-instinct rather than using a more reasoned approach to recruitment and this can lead to making the obvious mistake of employing an unsuitable candidate. Here we offer a brief checklist of the 3 steps you should consider following if you want to get it right first time.


Step 1. Planning

Identify what staff are needed: Where you need them and what they will do. Also consider your future needs.


 Step 2. Preparation

Give consideration to how the job for which you are recruiting may have changed over time and whether the person you are looking for must possess new skills. Also think about whether the job targets should be re-assessed.


 Step 3. Advertise the Role

Now is the time to put together a comprehensive advert outlining the job description, skills required and the duties involved. Remember to give an indication of pay and benefits (Some employers choose not to mention pay at this stage but you should realise that this information is often key to attracting the best candidates.) Add location too and whether travel is involved in the work.


If you find any of this process daunting or you are unaccustomed to writing job adverts you might wish to consider giving the task to a fixed fee recruitment advertising firm such as Equals One. They will write a professional ad giving you all the necessary guidance and advice. Of course you will always be asked to approve the ad before it is published.


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