Online Recruitment. Why?

It is estimated that up to 75% of the British population now use the internet, so it’s no surprise that online job boards offer the best route to finding a suitable candidate for almost any type of job.  Here we explore some of the reasons why going online has to be the way forward.

Modern Trends

Many companies insist upon online job applications these days so it follows that job seekers are pretty savvy when it comes to searching for new roles online. Some estimates indicate that up to 85% of graduates and first time job seekers only search online and rarely look in the jobs section of newspapers or trade mags. Fewer still would consider attending a job centre

Distinct Benefits

Of course there is a massive advantage to both recruiters and job seekers of going down the online recruitment route and that is the speed at which everything happens. A company looking for a particular skill can draw up an advert in minutes and have it live on the web almost instantly! Candidates can apply for the role within seconds of the job being posted to the relevant job boards.

Level Playing Field

Online recruitment is also a great leveller allowing SME’s and smaller organisations the ability to advertise on the same platform and with the same sized presence as large corporate recruiters. This helps smaller companies to compete on a more equal basis with these larger organisations whose presence on traditional print based media is inevitably on a grander scale than smaller companies who will almost certainly have lower advertising budgets.

Speeding Up The Process

As you would expect with an online based process everything is handled via electronic communication and therefore paperwork kept to a minimum. CV’s can be emailed directly to the clients designated inbox for their perusal and assessment  and candidates can likewise be invited for interview simply by clicking ‘reply’ to their email. This process reduces the time previously taken up waiting for the post which sometimes led to the best candidates in the most competitive job markets being lost though delay and unnecessary complications.


Often there is simply no comparison between the charges of online and traditional recruitment companies. For example a recruiter hiring an executive at say £40,000 pa could expect to pay anything between 15% & 20% of first year salary as a fee. That’s £6000 – £8000 whereas for example Equals One charge only £250 for a 28 day fully managed recruitment advertising campaign that sees applicants logged, acknowledged and if required (for a small additional cost) screened  prior to their CV’s being sent directly to the clients designated inbox.


The power of the web in recruitment terms is huge and the considerable advantages of online over traditional recruitment methods mean that any organisation seeking out the very best recruits would be wise to dip their toe in the online recruitment pond and discover how  simple and effective it can be.

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