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New research from the CIPD reveals that more than 6.5 million people in the UK expect to quit their job in the next 12 months, with those reporting the poorest job quality the most likely to have itchy feet. Better pay and benefits are the main motivator to leave, but people are also looking for increased job satisfaction and better work life balance.



1 in 4 won’t apply for a job without knowing the salary



Industries with most jobs and applications in June 2022

IT & Internet continue their job activity dominance by posting the highest percentage of jobs and receiving the lion’s share of applications. In fact, the industry has increased its dominance of applications, from receiving 16% of all applications in May to 19% in June. Engineering, the industry to receive the next highest percentage of applications, took a share of 13%.


Other than the increase in IT & Internet’s share of applications, not much has changed in this area. The Education sector is still recording similarly high numbers of jobs and applications, as is Secretarial, PAs & Admin. Meanwhile, Health & Nursing and Public Sector are posting high percentages of jobs but without the applications to help fill those vacancies. On the flip side, both Manufacturing and Engineering recorded high numbers of applications without a correspondingly high number of job postings to cater to higher candidate numbers.